Apples sourced and exported from South Africa and Turkey

Our Apples Category showcases a wide array of crunchy and delicious apples sourced and exported from various regions. With their crisp texture and natural sweetness, our apples are hand-picked to ensure optimal flavor and quality. Whether you’re seeking classic varieties like the juicy and tart Granny Smith or the sweet and aromatic Pink Lady or prefer unique and heirloom apple varieties, our selection caters to all apple enthusiasts. Enjoy them as a healthy snack, use them in baking recipes, or create delightful apple-based desserts – our Apples Category offers the perfect apple for every occasion.

Our Apples Category showcases a variety of crisp and juicy apples. Apple availability varies based on the specific variety and origin. South African apples are generally available from February to July, benefiting from the moderate climate and fertile soils of the region. We also source apples from other countries to provide a diverse range of flavor profiles to our customers. By collaborating with our trusted apple growers worldwide, we strive to offer a consistent supply of fresh and delectable apples throughout the year.


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