Citrus Fruits sourced and exported from South Africa, Egypt, and Turkey

Our Citrus Fruits Category showcases a variety of tangy and refreshing fruits, sourced and exported from South Africa, Egypt, and Turkey. We offer a diverse range of citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and more. Known for their vibrant colors, juicy flesh, and distinctive zesty flavors, our citrus fruits are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing glass of orange juice or add a burst of flavor to your culinary creations, our Citrus Fruits Category has something for everyone.

Our Citrus Fruits Category offers a wide range of zesty and refreshing fruits. While some citrus fruits have availability throughout the year, their peak season varies depending on the variety and origin. Oranges, for example, are typically available during the winter months, while lemons can be found year-round. We work closely with our suppliers in South Africa, Egypt, and Turkey to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality citrus fruits throughout the year, adapting to the seasonal variations of each region.


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